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Our Story

Welcome to Rise N Shine Diner, Located in Syracuse, NY. Rise N Shine restaurants comprise of 1 Full- Scale Restaurant & Bar and our other restaurant is a Full- Service Diner. All Rise N Shine Locations offer a new take on classic American Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner options. Rise N Shines Concept consists of the 3 B’s, Breakfast, Brunch & Brinner. All of Which are derived from the most important meal of the day Breakfast. We pride ourselves on visual stimulating food presentation, also culminating in the ultimate drinking and dining experience. Rise N Shine Brings the ultimate twist to the classic American Diner and we are on a mission to create the ultimate, Breakfast, Brunch & Brinner Experiences. We understand that the ultimate luxury in life is about enjoying every moment with the people you love the most. Why not do that over great, FOOD!!

Hand Crafted Food

“Rise N Shine” raises  the traditional diner fare to a new level. Our guests can indulge in dishes ranging from Chicken & Waffles & to our Signature deep fried, stuffed and pressed French Toast. We also offer hand crafted Brinner options ranging from Breakfast Raviolis to Cauliflower Breakfast Pizzas!!

Danielle Mercuri Campolito

Owner/Chief of Flavor

My name is Danielle, the owner of The Rise N Shine and the Chief of Flavor behind all of these CRAZY food items. Sooo where do I begin...

Danielle's Story

This business has not only turned my into the person I am today, but it has also allowed me to change others life’s along the process. As the restaurant and hospitality industry continue to digging deeper roots in my life, I am realizing that my goals is to connect people over Great food everyday.

There’s a lot of history to be known in this place and we’ve come a long way in recent years.. but here is the website version. All the way back in 2009, I lost my job and was unemployed for a year. I was going through one of my darkest times in my life; no money ,three daughters to take care of and no idea of what was next. I prayed. I prayed for help, and I prayed  for . In that moment, and I do mean in that very moment, the phone rang….
My step father, Tommy Rozzano, called about a position at The Rise N Shine Diner! A longtime friend of Tommy’s, Peter Henessey, needed a waitress full time and I CLEARLY needed a job

I clearly remember I couldn’t even find this diner! It was tucked behind a small Valvoline, with not much signage. I drove around a few times looking for the diner, and I almost gave up. Then…. I saw this tiny, rundown building in the back.. Pete, who I had never met, welcomed me right away and eventually became like an uncle to me. I was instantly drawn to helping Pete build his business and taking care of our customers.

I saw the potential in this tiny, little, off-the-beaten path diner and knew my future was in FOOD! He had owned many restaurants in his day and had been a great friend to many; but little did we know, this diner would be his last stop. A few years down the road, Pete fell ill with leukemia and was told he didn’t have a lot of time to live. One day, he called to me to his bedside at the hospital. Pete, having no family, felt that I was the right person for the job and asked me if I would take over the Diner. This was a great opportunity and I was a humbled but I was also SCARED!! I have never run my own business, but Pete reminded my that I was build for this!!

Initially I was determined to help Pete while he was in the hospital in hopes he would beat the sickness and come home…but he didn’t. A couple months later he died. I lost a friend, mentor and teacher, but what I gained was the ability to preserve and take on this Restaurant. In 2011 I began my new journey as a business owner. I couldn’t look back, only forward. My plan was to continue building this business, like Pete would have wanted. To RISE this business to its potential and SHINE!!

Today, we are 2 restaurants in and out new concept is the concept we will continue to build and expand on. My mission is to share great tasting food and to make it memorable. We understand that food is a universal language; it brings people together from all walks of life and makes memories, long-lasting ones.

We Rise (everyday). We Shine (make everyday lovable, livable, laughable and make each moment count). We Grind (and we work our tails off every day to make all this happen)!
So enjoy!

~ Danielle ~